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Blue Lagoon Comino

More often then not, when one speaks to a local and mentions a visit to Comino , the first thing that springs to mind is the hypnotic blue water that makes the Blue Lagoon. Whilst this is not the only attractive site our little neighbor island has to offer, it really is the main attraction and reason for which many travellers visit Comino every summer. Simply put, the Blue Lagoon truly leaves you speechless. And even as repeat visitors, this feeling always remains.

Upon arrival, you are generally greeted by a regiment of rental umbrellas and cloth deck chairs that lay in rows on the pier where the ferry berths. In the attempt to tempt those individuals who plan to spend a day in the scorching sun without an umbrella, these umbrellas and chairs are annoyingly scattered all over the lower parts of the bay. This leaves beach goers that do not wish to rent an umbrella or chair no option but to scramble up the rocky faces at the side of the bay in order to find a settling spot. However, as annoying as this may be, the view you get from the aforementioned high spots is worth the climb.

Blue Lagoon Sea Comino

View from the higher parts of the bay

If rocks aren’t for you, the blue lagoon still offers a sandy alternative. However in order to actually reach a place on this bay you need to get to Comino extra early, because the sand beach is small – very small.

Blue Lagoon's small sandy beach

Blue Lagoon's small sandy beach

Across the lagoon is the islet of Cominette. Here you an also satisfy your sandy cravings as it has a small sandy beach that is a favorite spot to lay down and have a rest on the shore after a swim across the lagoon. When on Cominette you can also climb up to the small cliffs on the other side to see a nice view of Malta and Gozo. It’s best to do this in the morning when the sun isn’t that hot (remember you’ll probably be bare foot after the swim across).

The islet of Cominette

The islet of Cominette

This year, for the first time (as far as we know), there was also a lifeguard watching over us as we swam. We have noticed that recently lifeguards have been on patrol on a number of bays in Malta. A positive observation indeed, well done to who ever pushed for this to happen. I hope, however, that this service is not just a phase and will remain available even in the coming years since it gives beach goers, especially those who are not that confident in the sea, some peace of mind.

Noon is the time at which the Blue Lagoon is at its peak of activity. Normally at this time a big number of ferries begin to arrive one after another at an alarming rate. When we visited last week, literally hundreds of tourists flocked onto Comino round about this time and the Blue Lagoon was no longer what you would call quiet and serene. Having said this, as much people as there were, there was still ample space in the sea where one could swim comfortably.

Life Guard on watch at the blue Lagoon

Life Guard on watch

If you’re not the busy beach type of person, an option is to leave for one of Comino’s other bays, such as Santa Marija Bay, when things start to get too crowded for you. That is exactly what we did on our day trip to Comino this year.

Beach Video:

None available yet, but fear not, it will be posted later on. Hang on tight!

Nifty Summary:

How to get there: The Blue Lagoon is usually the drop off point of the ferries that operate daily between Malta and Comino. To get there catch Bus 45 which departs from Valletta, or 645 from Sliema, or 48 from Qawra/Bugibba, or 450 from Universiry/Hosiptal; all heading to Cirkewwa. Then once you see Ghadira Bay on your right, wait till the bus climbs the hill following the bay then ask the driver to stop you at the stop for the Comino ferry that departs from Marfa. You then have a 2 min walk to the pier. Go down the road and turn right at the fork, then go down hill towards the sea. The pier is right opposite the Riviera hotel so you’re safe if you follow the signs to the hotel.

You can also catch a ferry from Sliema but be careful when choosing this option as some ferry trips may include Comino in a day harbour cruise around Malta and Gozo, allowing you an hour or two max in Comino.

When is it best to visit: (coming soon)

Historical/Interesting sites nearby: The Comino tower or Santa Marija tower.

Cleanliness: Being such an important bay it is well taken care of. Crystal clear water and clean sand.

Crowdiness: Best time to visit is on weekdays or weekends early morning, since afternoons tend to get crowded.

Accessibility: Most of the bay is rocky and thus not very accessible however, there is a small sandy bay that is easily accessible. Umbrella and deck chair rental available too.

Food: Multiple beach kiosks next to the blue lagoon and a restaurant in the Comino Hotel which is a few minutes away from the Blue Lagoon.

Restroom: Blue Lagoon’s public convenience is maintained daily however receives quite a considerate amount of use due to the bay’s high traffic.

Overall BeachMalta rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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7 Responses to Comino’s Blue Lagoon

  1. Rodrigo Martinez says:
    Great site!
    Is it easier to enjoy the Blue Lagoon and Santa Marija Beach if we stay at the Comino Hotel?

    • Dan says:

      Hey Rodrigo, thanks for the kind comment :)

      There’s no need to stay at the hotel to enjoy the Blue Lagoon and Santa Marija Beach as if catch the earliest ferry to the island there’s plent of time to enjoy both beaches (half day at one, the other half of the day at the other).

      However if you want to take it easier and spend more time on each beach, and maybe hike around the island a bit (do this early morning or in the evening because of the heat), spending a night at the hotel would be the best option. However note that the only activity you’ll find in the evening is at the hotel it self, since there are no other buildings on the island except for 1 or 2 farms.

  2. Arek says:

    How it cost this water taxis (small ship) from malta to comino?

    • Dan says:

      Hey Arek,

      Not sure of the exact price but it’s something between 7 and 10 euros for a two way trip, to and from Comino.

      Usually trips are every hour, however in the morning and late evening there are times where it is more frequent, since these are the busiest times.

  3. Arek says:

    and how often it trip?

  4. Shari says:

    Lovely little site, very imformative and well worth a look. Great pics. Makes me want to go back to Malta.

  5. Chris says:

    Your site is quite informative. Thanks for sharing it with us .One main thing which attracts everyone is color of beach which is totally blue and the view of highest part of bay is also amazing.
    Malta Travel Guide

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